Artificial Grass for your Home

Artificial grass is a woven carpet of synthetic fibres manufactured to imitate real grass

Yes, our grasses have soft fibre’s and will not graze children’s legs, some of the grasses have a dense fibre thatch layer which provides protection for children at play.  When used in dedicated play areas a layer of shock pad material can be used underneath the artificial grass to provide extra protection.  

Artificial grass is the perfect solution for young families as the children can play on it all year round.

Absolutely, pet owners love the fact that their dogs can play on the grass and not get dirty – no more muddy paw prints when they have been outside. Better still there will be no brown patches from pet urine as the grass will not discolour. All of our grasses are durable and hardwearing so in most cases it will be difficult for your pet to dig up or damage your lawn. 

Artificial Grass Maintenance

Very little!  Artificial grass is UV stabilised and will maintain its colour all year round. To keep your lawn looking as good as new simply remove any fallen debris such as twigs or leaves and give your lawn a light brushing which will ensure the pile stands up straight.

For pet mess we recommend that you remove your pet’s mess on a regular basis and where required to clean the area by using warm soapy water. Pet urine will drain through the backing of the grass but if your pet likes to urinate in the same spot we would recommend you give the area a freshen up every once in a while with warm soapy water or disinfectant.


LincsLawns offers an annual power brushing and cleaning service – call us on 01529 700145 to discuss your requirements today.

Artificial grass can be cleaned using warm soapy water.

Buying Artificial Grass

Measuring the area is relatively easy, simply measure the length and width of the area at the furthest points.  Our grasses are all sold in either 2 or 4 metre widths, should you require a wider coverage you will need to join two rolls together using the joining products available within our shop page.

Please ensure that in addition to the measured area you allow approx 200mm extra around the perimeter as a contingency.

All of our grasses are available in lengths of up to 25 metres and widths of either 2 or 4 metres. 

If you have any other questions which have not been answered above please call us on 01529 700145 or email us at and we will be more than happy to assist. 

Artificial Grass and the Environment

Yes, the most significant of which is water conservation.   It retains perfect colour during the hot summer months unlike real lawns which require watering.

There is no need for chemical weedkillers or feeds.

No mowing means no use of fuels in lawnmowers and no gas emissions.


No clippings to dispose of meaning reduced vehicle movements to disposal sites.

Artificial grass drains freely due to the holes within the base layer and complies with BS7044 for porosity.


Snow and ice have no adverse effects on artificial grass.

Our grasses are all UV stabilised ensuring they retain their colour.