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How to Maintain Your Artificial Lawn

One of the main reasons people are drawn to artificial grass is due to the fact it looks perfect all year round with little maintenance needed. However, little maintenance does not mean no maintenance….

Compared to natural grass, you will find maintaining your artificial grass is simple, easy and less time consuming and the best part is that as long as you treat your artificial lawn with care, it will be able to last up to 20 years. 

Follow these tips to make sure your artificial lawn will look brand new all year round.

Have you got the right equipment?

The right tools and equipment will make a big difference when cleaning your artificial lawn. Not only will you be out in the garden a shorter amount of time, you will also avoid damaging the fibres in the grass. 

Leaf Blower

A leaf blower will be able to remove an leaves that have fallen onto your lawn within minutes. Once you have a pile of leaves/debris, simply pick up the leaves and place them into the bin to dispose.


Softly brush away any waste that has made its way onto your lawn, whether it be leaves, excess sand or pet waste for a quick and easy clean-up.


A rake with a plastic head will remove leaves and debris easily and effectively, as well as giving the blades of grass a lift; making your lawn look well groomed. Remember to never use a rake with metal tips as this can cause damage by tearing or ripping the fibres. 

Remove debris with care

During autumn and winter, the weather can cause debris to be blown onto you lawn, making it look unappealing and cluttered. When this happens, it can be easy to rush the job and not remove leaves, twigs, branches, or anything that has made its way onto your garden carefully.

Instead, use the right equipment and carefully move the debris and your lawn will look good as new.

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