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Covering your tired decking with Artificial Grass is a perfect, simple and effective way of brightening up your outdoor space.

Not only will it transform the look of the garden, it will also provide you with a soft, dry and usable space which can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Fitting artificial grass onto decking is a lot easier than you may think! Before laying out your new lawn, be conscious of any loose debris or moss on your decking – ensure it is clean and free from anything that is likely to show under the artificial grass.

Once the surface is clean, simply lay the grass over the decking so it sits where you are planning to fit it. You can make sure it’s completely flat by walking over it and leaving it to settle for a couple of hours. When you feel your new lawn has settled into place, you can now fix it securely around the perimeter with either our adhesive or fixing pins.

A couple of things you may wish to consider before installing Artificial Grass onto decking is the gaps on your decking – if you choose a shorter piled artificial grass you may see the dips across the lawn so choosing a product with a pile of 30mm and above would be better for you.

There are other options to stop the dips which include; a flat plywood laid on top of the decking, or a shock-pad underlay.

You need to consider drainage too – if the surface is completely flat with no gradient and we have a large downpour you may start to see puddles.

Obviously if it does have a gradient, the water will run off the lawn no problem. You also need to be conscious of this when applying your adhesive as you don’t want to trap the water completely so it’s important to leave gaps in the glue.

Our team here at Lincslawns are highly experienced and will be happy to help with any installation questions you may have.

Artificial Grass on Decking
Artificial Grass on Decking

What You’ll need:

1. Loose Lay

Lay the artificial grass out and trim to size. It will stay flat under its own weight. Garden furniture or planters can be used to hold it down in areas that are exposed to strong winds.

2. Underfelt

To provide a softer more absorbent feel, loose lay under the grass a 12mm exterior underfelt, available from our store. Ensure that any joints are neatly butted together.

3. Adhesive Fix

Aqua Bond Adhesives to stick it to any smooth surface.

4. Mechanical Fix

Use fixing pins to nail the grass to a wooden surface.

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