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Creating a safe learning environment through Lincslawns

At Lincslawns we can transform  your school or nursery with our range of grasses in various colours helping to create a safe learning environment for children of all ages.

Our grasses can be played on all year round and will ensure that no more muddy shoes in the classroom are a thing of the past.

We install our grasses both externally as a safe alternative to real grass, tarmac or woodchips and also internally.

We can install all of our grasses with an impact absorbing shockpad layer to ensure that children are safe when running, jumping and climbing etc.

Play is very important for children’s development; it helps them learn how to interact with each other, explore the world around them and most importantly, have fun!

Outdoor play is a great way for children to get some exercise and fresh air, which is why many homes, schools and nurseries have installed artificial grass to provide safe, easy to maintain play areas for children of all ages.

The benefits of installing artificial grass outside are obvious – it saves time on maintenance, stays green all year round and prevents patchiness from developing – but you might not know that it can be used inside too.

What are the benefits of using artificial grass for outdoor/indoor play areas?

  • It’s safe

Children love to run, jump and roll, so they’re bound to trip and fall sometimes – but artificial grass is soft and won’t graze young skin. It’s also anti-slip and if you use it indoors, you’ll find it’s much quieter than hardwood, laminate or linoleum flooring when children run around!

  • It’s hygienic

Artificial grass is hypoallergenic and easy to clean, which makes it ideal for children’s play areas – it’s less muddy than real grass and more resistant to spills and little accidents than carpet. It’s also great for children with allergies – no more worrying about grass pollen or dust mites.

  • It’s durable

Artificial grass won’t fade or flatten, even with children constantly running around on it. You don’t need to mow, water or fertilise it, and it lasts up to 20 years – making it a great alternative to natural grass in the garden or carpet in the house.

How can artificial grass be used for outdoor/indoor play areas?

Whether you’re a parent, teacher or childcare provider, you’ll undoubtedly be familiar with the challenge of trying to keep children entertained.

A creatively designed play area can be the solution, and there are lots of ways to use artificial grass to create outdoor and indoor play areas at home, nursery or school.

Artificial grass ideas for nursery play areas

Any outdoor space can be transformed into a colourful picnic area with artificial grass, striped deckchairs, wooden tables and colourful bunting for children to enjoy when the weather’s nice.

The texture of artificial grass lends itself to sensory play (activity which aims to stimulate one or all of a child’s five senses), so why not create a sensory garden with soft artificial grass to run little fingers through and fake flowers to “pick”, touch and smell?

Artificial grass could also be used to create indoor reading or nap time areas. It comes in several colours, so you could choose blue or purple for a calming influence when it’s time for the children to settle down and listen to a story.

Artificial grass ideas for school play areas

Artificial grass can be customised with game designs such as snakes and ladders to help children learn basic literacy and numeracy in the playground. You could even create a road design with clearly marked lanes for children to race in, as well as traffic lights and zebra crossings to teach them about road safety.

When it’s raining outside, an indoor games area can be a great alternative to typical “rainy day” activities like quizzes or crafts. Traditional garden games such as skittles, pick-up sticks, hoopla and tug of war (all played on artificial grass, of course) can give children the feeling of playing outdoors even when they’re inside.

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